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Nigeria: Groups Vow Continued Action Despite Price Reduction

A coalition of civic groups has vowed to continue to protest against the new fuel pricing system, despite a reduction in prices announced last week by President Goodluck Jonathan. Speaking at a press conference in Lagos State, Save Nigeria Group (SNG) convenor Pastor Tunde Bakare said that the groupwould continue its action and peaceful protest against the removal of fuel subsidies.


Egypt: Shortages Spark Tension Despite Government Assurances

Reports of increasing prices and fuel shortages have stirred up unrest in Egypt for three consecutive days, despite Government assurance of stable supply and promises of no price hikes. The Oil Ministry issued a statement to the national media saying that 21.5m litres of petrol were being distributed daily, 33% more than normal demand dictates and that no plans were in train to raise subsidised fuel prices.


Nigeria: President Starts to Climb Down from Deregulation

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan (pictured) has partly backtracked on the country's rapid moves to deregulate fuel prices, announcing a 30% cut in the price of gasoline as his Government seeks to quell unrest over the doubling of prices at the pump. Speaking in a nationwide radio address, Jonathan said that  considering "the hardship being suffered by Nigerians" had prompted the move after consultation with State Governors and the leadership of the National Assembly.

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