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The project will allow improving access to global markets

A new and strategically important supply location in the South East of England was provided to Greenergy recently, when it began the road-loading and heating of fuel at Thames Oilport. 

The former refinery is competent of being turned into a modern import terminal capable of meeting growing fuel demand in the South East, and the opening of road loading facilities is another significant milestone in the regeneration of the site.

The first shipments of fuel were received at the Thames Oilport 12 months ago and it opened for ship-in/ ship- out storage allowing the benefit from contango market conditions and at year end, had more than 250 million liters of fuel stored at the facility. The next phase of regeneration at Thames Oilport will permit fuel storage and road supply.

“The regeneration of Thames Oilport continues to be a key development project for Greenergy, providing capacity for expansion and improved supply resilience in the busy South East region, an area of population and demand growth. As we expand our sales from the facility, we will have the ability to receive product on larger ships onto Thames Oilport’s deep-water jetties, further improving our access to global markets,” said Andrew Owens, Greenergy Chief Executive. PWKD27042017

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Romania: Zoltán Magyar MOL Romania’s New CFO Romania: Zoltán Magyar MOL Romania’s New CFO

MOL Romania has announced that Zoltán Magyar has taken charge as CFO of the company.

Zoltán has been Managing Director & CFO in MOL Kalegran Ltd., a subsidiary of the MOL Group that specializes in exploration and production in the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Camelia ENE CEO and Country Chairman of MOL Romania said, "Zoltán is the right man to complete the team and I am convinced that the coming of the MOL Romania will help us achieve our strategic targets, placing the company among customer preferences." 

Zoltán IT skills proved extremely valuable in numerous projects implementing ERP (enterprise resource planning software) in which he was involved, in addition to his financial competences. Having previously worked for both corporations and prestigious projects in the sphere of international humanitarian coordination, he has extensive experience.

"MOL Romania is a strong company with impressive achievements and solid growth potential. Local experience is well known within the group, so it is an honor for me to join the team in Romania. Moreover, since an important part of my life was under the influence of French culture and Mediterranean, this post is for me an excellent opportunity to discover the easternmost Latin country in Europe, "said Zoltán Magyar CFO MOL Romania. PWKD26042017



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France: Disruption In AS24 Fuel Supply France: Disruption In AS24 Fuel Supply

A social movement in Paris will cause some disruption in AS24 fuel supply

As a social movement in the Paris region, in some of the logistics providers, causes disruptions in the supply of the network. In order to inform in real time about the state of thenetwork, customers can check through the mobile applications. PWKD25042017

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Ireland: Topaz Launches New Fuel Brand Ireland: Topaz Launches New Fuel Brand

€6 million investment for pumps and forecourt renovation

€6 million is being invested by Topaz in the launch of a new fuel brand, Miles, across its  Irish fuel network of service stations. Investment in new pumps and forecourt renovation and branding as well as advertising and marketing costs is covered by the €6 million.

Canadian Group Alimentation Couche-Tard owns the fuel brand Miles, which acquired Topaz in a deal which closed in February 2016. Consumption is reduced by 3 per cent as a result of additives in its fuel, as well as lowering maintenance costs for motorists.

In a transaction that was reportedly worth to be in the region of €450 million, Alimentation Couche-Tard paid €258 million in cash to Denis O’Brien for Topaz as well as taking on debt. Source: Irish Times


In other news from Topaz, Competition commission ordered Topaz to sell its 50 per cent share as a condition of buying Esso Ireland. As a condition of buying Esso Ireland, Topaz must sell the wholesale fuels business and which service station chain Applegreen is all set to purchase.PWKD24042017

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BP & Aral Carbon Neutral Fuel Cards BP & Aral Carbon Neutral Fuel Cards

Program helps fleet owners improve driver skills and achieve ‘carbon neutral’ status

In order to track, manage and reduce their CO2 emissions and achieve ‘carbon neutral’ status for their fleet, fleet managers in The Netherlands and Germany now have a simple and cost effective way with BP Target Neutral.

An integrated ‘smart’ fuel card and carbon management program with outstanding features has been introduced by BP and Aral. BP Plus and Komfort fuel card holders have the following advantages: Have access to a software program that gathers and evaluates data from the fuel card that shows individual vehicle CO2 emissions performance, make use of an online training facility to improve fleet driver skills in efficiently using fuel, automatically balance remaining fleet CO2 emissions to attain the status of ‘Carbon Neutral Fleet’.

A comprehensive CO2 management solution for business drivers is provided with this BP Target Neutral package with BP Fuels. Moreover, it can be completely incorporated into existing company processes of both large companies with a substantial fleet and smaller businesses with only a few vehicles.

“We wanted to make it as easy as possible for all kinds of entrepreneurs and fleet managers to neutralize the residual CO2 emissions of their vehicles. Drivers simply present their fuel card at filling stations and we do the rest. We built the facility to offset CO2 right into the invoicing process with all the calculations, reporting and certifying done inside the programme, without the need for additional interfaces or applications. It is designed to make carbon neutral driving a business target that companies can easily achieve,” said Erik Zwaan, Cards Sales Manager for BP in The Netherlands and Belgium. PWKD21042017



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Finland: Neste Distributes Neste Pro Diesel To Estonia Finland: Neste Distributes Neste Pro Diesel To Estonia

Use of the premium quality fuel leads to cleaner environment and better engine performance

Premium-quality Neste Pro Diesel has started to be distributed in Neste’s Estonian station network. Distribution will start with four fuel service stations which will be expanded to cover 20 Neste stations across Estonia. 

At least 15 percent of Neste MY renewable diesel is present in Neste Pro Diesel. Greenhouse fuel emissions can be reduced by up to 20 percent as well as nitrogen oxide, particle and hydrocarbon emissions can also be reduced by using Neste Pro Diesel. Particularly in winter, the product's excellent cold properties increase reliability. 

Katri Taskinen, Vice President of Neste's Marketing & Services business area responsible for Baltics said, "We are very pleased to start the distribution of premium-quality Neste Pro Diesel also in our Southern neighboring country Estonia. From now on Neste Pro Diesel will be available in all Baltic states. Our Estonian customers have been very pleased with our high-quality products. Neste Pro Diesel is an excellent supplement to the range, because its superb quality and benefits to customers have been verified in many tests. Its use can reduce the fuel consumption by up to 5% while also improving the performance of the engine." PWKD21042017



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Shell Becomes Member of EV Group Shell Becomes Member of EV Group

Shell has become a member with the view to developing technology that will enable increase in number of electric vehicles

Shell has joined CharIN e. V. (Charging Interface Initiative E.V.), an association whose aim is to develop and establish the Combined Charging System (CCS) as a global standard for charging battery-powered electric vehicles of all kinds.

Appreciating the importance of industry collaboration in the development of a common standards for electric charging technology, Shell is pleased to connect with CharIN as a Core member. The company looks forward to being an effective participant looking at charging infrastructure, communication and grid integration. 

In order to serve the growing number of customers driving electric vehicles, Shell is already actively developing systems designed for the same. Shell will launch electric vehicle fast charging at a selection of Shell fuel service stations in England from 2017, with other countries to follow.  With the aim of delivering more efficient charging for their electric vehicles via the use of Shell’s own smart charging technology, Shell is also in the early stage of launching an offer to customer fleets in Europe and the US. This technology can help to both diminish charging costs for customers and incorporate this new demand effectively into the power grid. 

“A range of different fuels and vehicle technologies will be needed to meet growing demand for transport in a low carbon energy future. Electric vehicles are one of these solutions. We are pleased to join CharIN and take part in the efforts to develop common standards for the technology that will support the increasing number of electric vehicles on the roads wherever and however they charge”, said Matthew Tipper, Vice President Shell New Fuels. PWKD19042017 (photo is Shell EV point at Portland USA)

Editors Note: The Electricity Boards of the European Union have made many errors in their efforts to create a cross border EV industry across Europe. However the one item they got right is that it has to be European drive and not controlled by one country. The future of the EV industry in Europe will be driven by consumer demand n urban areas and crucially by the EU that is to say Brussels not Berlin. Therefore we can expect to see a few more organisation partnerships develop over the coming years.  PetrolWorld has been following the development of EV from the perspective of existing service station  networks since 2003.



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Azerbaijan: SOCAR 25th Fuel Service Station Launch Azerbaijan: SOCAR 25th Fuel Service Station Launch

The fuel service station was inaugurated by SOCAR President Rovnag Abdullayev and company management.

SOCAR has launched its 25th fuel service station in Nobel Avenue of Baku. The station was inaugurated by SOCAR President Rovnag Abdullayev and company management. Later at the ceremony, everyone were introduced to the working conditions established in fuel service station, its structure, working rooms, and also the equipment reflecting cutting edge technology.

The fuel service station is equipped with state-of-the-art devices like POS terminals and ASAN payment terminals for non-cash payments, fuel distribution units produced in Japan, as well as automatic system for control of sales and stocks. There are five fuel dispensers in the station, which provides Super, Premium, Ai-92 gasoline, and diesel fuel. Station can serve eight small passenger vehicles and two large trucks at the same time. The station provides employment to around 40 people. PWKD14042017



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Netherlands: Shell & Sovcomflot LNG Supply Agreement Netherlands: Shell & Sovcomflot LNG Supply Agreement

The pact is to supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) to fuel tankers

An agreement has been signed between Shell Western BV ElEnDzhi (Shell) and PJSC Sovcomflot to supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) to fuel tankers Aframax. This is for the first time in the world that LNG is being used as a marine fuel. Shell will produce ships bunkering terminal at Rotterdam Fuel Access to Europe with specialized bunker ship and another one point refueling ships in one of the Baltic ports, as per the terms of this agreement.

With the aim of transporting crude fuel products in the Baltic and the North Sea, four Aframax tankers have been designed. Equipped with dual-fuel power plants, it is planned that these ice-class tankers will replenish the fleet of "Sovcomflot" from the III quarter of 2018. When operating in flexible shipping mode, these will be one of the first vessels using LNG as a ship fuel.

Maarten Vetselaar, Director of complex fuel projects and new energy sources, Shell said, "This event - an important step in increasing the role of natural gas in the global energy mix. We are pleased to work together with PJSC Sovcomflot dressing over the world's first Aframax tankers on natural gas. Advantages of LNG will be used in another direction of navigation, which suggests that LNG will play a key role in this industry, which is tasked to meet the new regulatory requirements with respect to atmospheric emissions."

Sergey Frank, CEO and Chairman of the Board of PJSC Sovcomflot said, "The history of mutually beneficial and successful cooperation of the group of companies Sovcomflot and Shell has more than a dozen years.  Because there is nothing surprising in the fact that today we have signed an agreement that essentially initiates the process of transfer of Aframax size tanker - the most demanded by the market size of the global tanker vessels, a kind of "workhorse" segment of the marine transportation of liquid hydrocarbons. "Sovcomflot" "Shell" strive to make maritime traffic safer for the environment and to become the leaders of this transformation.” PWKD13042017



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Sweden: Preem Closes Pajala Fuel Facility Sweden: Preem Closes Pajala Fuel Facility

Lossmaking cited as reason for closure

Preem has decided to wind up Kaunisjoensuu fuel service station in Kolari Pajala. Agneta Liss Karlsson, District Manager at Preem said, “The fuel service station has been unprofitable for a long time and now we are forced to close.”

The fuel service station was first under the Texaco brand and recently Preem. It has been Preem's northernmost station in Sweden and has offered fuels like 95 and ACP. With the shutdown in Pajala, Köpmansgatan in Jokkmokk will be the most northerly Preem fuel service station in Sweden. Cleansing work in Pajala will begin without delay after shut down. PWKD11042017



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