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USA: Lehigh Gas Places 27 Sites Up for Auction

Lehig Gas Corporation has announced that it is selling 26 fuel service stations and one truck stop as it seeks to redeploy capital to other areas of the business. 16 non-strategic sites in New Jersey, one site each in New York and Ohio, and nine in Pennsylvania – including the truck stop – have been offered for sale. 


USA: Connecticut Facing $80m Backlog in Cleanup Programme

The state government of Connecticut has been given a spring deadline to address a significant backlock of $80m in a fuel cleanup programme, according to the Connecticut mirror. The newspaper reported that, if the State does not meet the deadline, hundreds of fuel service stations across Connecticut could be forced to close. 


USA: Getty Petroleum Forced to Continue Rent Payments

Getty Petroleum has been told that it must meet its post-bankruptcy lease obligations after a court ruled it could not "offset" rent for December 2011 and January 2012 to cover the cost of environmental cleanup efforts at the 800 sites it leases from Getty Realty. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court ordered Getty Petroleum to pay all amounts due under the master lease, which includes over $9m in unpaid rent, to Getty Realty by February 5.  


USA: Retailers Seeking to Block Couche-Tard Takeover

Several retailers affected by the sale of 322 Mobil fuel service stations to Circle K owner Couche-Tard have filed a suit to block the sale. The dealers claim that Exxon Mobile tried to circumvent state law in their suit, which seeks temporary restraining orders blocking any assignment of their franchises until the purchase agreement is modified. 

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