Saudi Arabia: Emarat Front-Line Staff Trained Heavily in 2011 Featured

Front-line fuel service staff at Emarat attended 299 training sessions during 2011, with hundreds of retail staff members and new recruits working to improve their skills and customer service. 

Announcing the Figure, Emarat's Retail Sales Operations Manager Abdulla Hassan Al Noman said that the company's training programs are geared to enhance employee capabilities, motivate workers and improve customer satisfaction. The company immediately appraises employee performance following the session, and works with staff to resolve any queries or problems they encounter in training. 
Induction programs for new recruits, fire fighting, customer service practice, communication, minimising inventory losses, food safety and fake currency detection were all elements of the training programs. Al Noman, who emphasised that the Career Development section of the firm plays an important role in the business, praised team members, supervisors and retail trainers for their contribution, and added that more work to improve the consumer experience was in train. "We have launched a Mystery Shopper program, through which various people make secret visits at various stations to inspect the quality of services provided, the skills of their employees and their capabilities. In addition to that, we carry out regular field visits to ensure the success of these programs," he added. 
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