Mauritius: Remarkable Profile For Engen New MD

Mauritius: Remarkable Profile For Engen New MD

The new MD’s clear targets, expectations and experience in industry is hoped to steer the company to new heights

Adama Soro took charge as the new Managing Director of Engen Mauritius in 2016. Earlier, he was heading up Engen Rwanda (2008-2011) and later took charge as MD of Engen Gabon (2011-2016). Soro has valuable experience in the distribution and marketing of fuel products. Engen ‘Affiliate of the Year’ awards was received by Engen Rwanda and Engen Gabon under his leadership.

Soro has a degree in mechanical engineering and industrial automation. He perceives himself as a person of principle and attributes his numerous successes to his belief that every human being must bring value into everything he undertakes.  

Soro’s ability to add value has inspired others to do the same. “I like to create the joy of life around me, because we cannot be happy alone. It is an important quality and I try to apply this on a daily basis. This will in part be achieved by stimulating the development of Engen Mauritius employees and by being recognized by neighboring communities as a company that really contributes to the region. I will work to ensure outstanding execution of Engen’s base business, improve our ROCE (Return on Capital Employed) to exceed the average achieved in Engen’s other sub-Saharan African and Indian Ocean island territories, and finally to grow the Marine Segment and enter the LPG business.”

Drikus Kotze, General Manager of Engen’s International Business Division said, “Adama has very clear goals, expectations and time frames. Engen Mauritius will no doubt benefit from these attributes, along with his relentless energy and positive outlook.” PWKD12042017




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