UAE: ENOC ‘Biodiesel 5’ Clean Fuel Launch

UAE: ENOC ‘Biodiesel 5’ Clean Fuel Launch

The new fuel is a clean fuel derived from renewable resources and contributes to reducing carbon footprint

Biodiesel 5, an advanced alternative green fuel product proven to reduce carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions has been recently introduced by ENOC to the UAE market

It is an opportunity to reduce the domestic consumption of fossil fuels and contribute towards the region's responsibility for environmental protection & sustainability since Biodiesel is derived from renewable resources like vegetable oil, waste cooking oil and animal oil/fats. Biodiesel can be pumped, stored and burned just like conventional diesel fuel and lowers emissions such as carbon monoxide, black smoke and unburnt hydrocarbons.

"ENOC has continuously adopted sustainable measures by expanding its capabilities to reduce carbon emissions. As an National Oil Company (NOC), and in line with the UAE's Energy Plan 2050, it is our responsibility to support, advance and positively impact the communities we operate in. By introducing Biodiesel 5 in the commercial and industrial segment, ENOC has pioneered yet another initiative amongst NOC's. This product will not only help our customers gain operational efficiencies and reduce the emission level, but also bring us a step closer in adapting to the market changes and ensuring a diversified fuel mix to support the UAE's goals and ambitions," said His Excellency SaifHumaid Al Falasi, Group CEO, ENOC.

The product can be used without the need to upgrade the engines and fuel storage facility. Biodiesel has been mandated to meet national greenhouse reduction targets in Europe and the introduction of the product has been a pioneering move across many countries around the globe. PWKD14092017

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