South Africa: Engen Annual Driver Wellness 2017 Launch In Musina

South Africa: Engen Annual Driver Wellness 2017 Launch In Musina

Drivers are offered free voluntary screenings in mobile clinics

As part of Engen’s Driver Wellness Initiative, a mobile health awareness initiative run by Thubelihle Occupational Health & Wellness, truck drivers are invited to receive free voluntary health screenings.

Continuing to increase driver participation in voluntary screenings and improved health scores over the years, the initiative has impacted positively on the country’s bulk truck driver operators.

Engen Driver Wellness, which is running for its sixth year, continues to bring health to the front seat for truck drivers by providing them with free health screenings.

Engen’s Corporate Social Investment Manager, Mntu Nduvane said, “Education helps to remind drivers and our employees why their health is important and how life choices impact on their well-being. Ultimately this increases their health, safety and productivity.”

Engen aligns its focus on health and safety to its business, every aspect of the company’s operations is rooted in health and safety. In order to ensure operational excellence and best practice, world-class standards and guidelines which govern all of Engen’s practices are applied vigorously.

Nduvane added that Engen’s Driver Wellness campaign continues to have a massive all-round impact. This includes both on the drivers and their families, who benefit from reduced exposure to diseases and greater longevity of a breadwinner, and on the company itself, in terms of improved worker productivity, skills retention and disease management. PWKD06102017

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