Ghana: EPA To Shut Non-Compliant LPG & Fuel Service Stations

A Regional Monitoring team has been set up to ensure safety measures were observed by the fuel service stations

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Stations in the Upper East Region that fail to meet the safety standards have been threatened to be closed down by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The key safety standards in the EPA permit issued to the LPG and fuel service stations direct that Managers and owners of the stations should ensure that Water Sprinklers are installed at the stations, in addition to the installation of Safety Relief Valve Emergency shut -off –valve, Sight Glass, Temperature Gauge, Bottomed Drained Valve, Stairway and Platform, Grounding and Flame Fire Arrestors among others.

A regional monitoring team, while on a visit to some of the stations stated that those stations which had faulty Water Sprinklers and those with old broken down fire hydrants included the ones facing the threat of close down.

The EPA, the Ghana National Fire Service, Town and Country Planning, Public Works Department, Lands Commission of the Municipal Assembly and some Media Personnel comprised the Monitoring Team.

Other violations included absence of smoke detectors at some service stations, LPG station attendants using mobile phones while attending to customers, vehicles parked on underground fuel storage tanks, some stations allowed vehicle owners to use their fuel and LPG stations as their parking lot, posing danger in the event of a fire outbreak.

In order to ensure that all the LPG and fuel service stations abide by the safety standards, Mr Asher Nkegbe, Regional EPA said the monitoring team would work incessantly and called upon the Managers of the stations to ensure that their staff were trained periodically on safety measures and to also operate according to the EPA Permit.

The Regional Directorate of the EPA had constituted a Regional Monitoring team made up of Journalists who would undertake periodic monitoring to ensure that the safety measures were observed, as part of the efforts to help prevent any disaster associated with LPG and fuel in the region. Source: Business Ghana PWKD23102017

Last modified onSunday, 22 October 2017 16:29
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