Kuwait: Oula Fuel & Warba Bank Cooperation Agreement

Kuwait: Oula Fuel & Warba Bank Cooperation Agreement

10% on fuel purchases is deposited in account for customers using Visa cards

A cooperation agreement has been entered into between Warba Bank and Oula Fuel Marketing Company. As per the agreement, customers with prepaid Visa credit cards receive a cash reward of 10%on their purchases for services including fuel filling and car wash across all 43 Oula stations located throughout the country, which is deposited in the customer's account after the end of each month.

The initiative by Warba is part of its ongoing efforts to provide value added services to its customers through a variety of exclusive features and offers that will add more flexibility and efficiency to their banking dealings.

"We are proud to partner with Oula to market local fuels to provide the best services to our customers and their rewards,” said Shaheen Hamad Al Ghanim, Chief Executive Officer.

The Bank's initiative and partnership are part of its ambitious strategy to develop its services to individuals while at the same time, ensuring diversification of services and products to suit their aspirations.

Visa's pre-paid Visa card is added to its credit card portfolio and the smart chips make it safe and acceptable around the world.These standards make it the best option for customers to shop securely either in traditional retail outlets or through E-shopping.

The Bank's credit cards are in line with the digital age and meet the growing customer demand for credit cards to pay their purchases around the clock.

Adel Al Awadhi, Chief Executive Officer, Oula Fuel Marketing Company, said: "We are pleased to have signed the agreement with Warba. We are confident that it will benefit the customers who will be keen to provide them with superior services in their 43 model stations, for quality in terms of ensuring security and safety, providing high-end service and respect for environmental standards.

Visa's Prepaid Visa carddoes not apply to credit policies or the salary transfer requirement and so is easy to issue, providing the customer with the ability to withdraw local cash from the bank's machines without any additional fees. PWKD07122017

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