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Kuwait: KNPC & CGC Fuel Service Stations Contract

Kuwait: KNPC & CGC Fuel Service Stations Contract

The fuel service stations are part of the 19-station package approved by the company

A contract has been entered into between Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) and Combined Group Contracting Company for the construction of 10 new fuel service stations worth KD 15.47 million (about USD 51.25 million) countrywide.

KNPC's 19-station package include the new fuel service stations. Another contract for the remaining nine fuel service stations would be concluded at a later date.

The implementation of the contract was emphasized by KNPC's CEO Mohammad Ghazi Al-Mutairi to be carried out as scheduled as this is of paramount significance to the company's expansion and matches the country's urban spread.

The new fuel service stations would provide integrated and various services and would be built in a modern architectural style that reflects the company's civilized image. PWKD10012018

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