Saudi Arabia: Mervat Bukhari Becomes First Woman Running Fuel Service Station

Saudi Arabia: Mervat Bukhari Becomes First Woman Running Fuel Service Station

The nation got the first woman operating a fuel service station when Mervat Bukhari decided to become the first Saudi woman to run a fuel station, adding a feminine touch to the outlet to make it unique.

She aims to make her work location ‘the best digital station in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, with its high performance, highest standards of quality and cleanliness’.

A live model on the ground for fuel stations is proposed to be provided by the station, in addition to taking into account the needs of its employees

Bukhari has taken advantage of the station’s location on the travel road to support passengers and provide clean toilets.

“The purpose of the project is to preserve the dignity of Saudi women and provide them with a suitable place, while providing a security team and security cameras around the clock. My goal and my future plan is for my daughters to enter the station safely and without fear or tension as they find in our stores a comfortable and respectful service,” said Bukhari.

The station has plans to contribute supporting 40 families throughout the year and providing economic support that is not periodic but as a constant income.

Bukhari concluded that having displayed excellence and love for excellence and the ability to work and achieve goals, Saudi women have proved efficiency in all professions and sectors that have been assigned to them. Source: Al Arabia PWKD12012018

Last modified onTuesday, 03 April 2018 09:03
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