Nigeria: DPR Seals 95 Delta Fuel Service Stations Over Malpractice

Nigeria: DPR Seals 95 Delta Fuel Service Stations Over Malpractice

Offences include hoarding, over-pricing and diversion of products

Ever since fuel scarcity resurfaced in December 2017, the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), Warri Zonal Office has sanctioned over 95 fuel service stations engaged in malpractice, with offences bordering on hoarding, over-pricing and diversion of products.

According to Zonal Operations Controller, Mr Antai Asuquo, over 80 of the fuel stations were sanctioned, while 15 others have been booked in the last one week by the regulatory agency.

For violating DPR seals’ rules, two staff of a fuel station in Warri were recently apprehended by the surveillance team. Subsequent to the owner paying N1 million as penalty, the culprits would be released and the station unsealed.N200 per liter of volume would be charged as punishment, for one station in Warri that was sanctioned for diverting 38,000 liters of fuel.

To establish the claim by fuel marketers that they purchase the products above the government approved ex-depot price of N133.28k per liter, is the objective behind the move.

Asuquo said, “DPR has been monitoring and we will continue to intensify surveillance to ensure that marketers and depot owners comply strictly with the government approved prices. We have sanctioned over 80 erring stations before and in the last one week, we have sealed additional 15 stations across the state for hoarding, over-pricing and diversion of products. We deploy two monitoring teams every working day to the field to ensure that we effectively covered all the Local Government Areas in Delta. We also revisit the already visited stations to ensure they dispense at the approved station price of N145 per liter to the consumers.”

Depot owners have been urged to support government’s effort towards normalizing the situation and that marketers should stop patronizing depots that sell above approved price.

Asuquo appealed to the depot owners to sell at the government approved price as the product is provided to them by the government and that they should also sell directly to the marketers rather than the bulk or third party. Source: PMN PWKD16012018

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