Kenya: Vivo’s Convenience Store ‘Welcome’ Rolled Out

Kenya: Vivo’s Convenience Store ‘Welcome’ Rolled Out

Vivo Energy Kenya has launched ‘welcome’, a warm and modern shop brand, at Shell Masari fuel service station in Parklands.

Developed by Vivo Energy, for its fuel service stations across Africa, ‘welcome’ is a new convenience retail brand, to fit the African consumer, convey a sense of hospitality, optimism and dynamism, and meet the needs of our customers.

The first welcome shop is being hosted by Shell Masari fuel service station, offering convenience, variety, and finest satisfaction to customers. With a shopping area, a bakery, an eatery as well as other facilities, welcome shops provide customers with a quick snack, breakfast and other exciting offers.

Joe Muganda, Managing Director, Vivo Energy Kenya said “The launch of this modern and contemporary welcome brand at Shell fuel service stations in Kenya is testament to the convenience and variety that we want to bring to our customers. I am delighted with today’s launch as it continues to demonstrate our resolve to develop our business in Kenya and to meet the changing needs of our customers.”

He added that Vivo Energy Kenya will invest in new shop format brands and offers that complement their existing business and are clearly aligned with their growth aspirations.  The ‘welcome’ brand will be progressively rolled out to various Shell fuel service stations across the country. PWKD09032018

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