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Nigeria: DPR Appeals NNPC To Increase Fuel Supply To North

Nigeria: DPR Appeals NNPC To Increase Fuel Supply To North

Shortage in the fuel supply chain  has increased scarcity

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has been requested by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) to increase fuel supply to the northern region.

Shortage in the supply of fuel to Kaduna and other northern states under the zone had worsened the scarcity experienced in Kaduna, which has made the monitoring exercise of the DPR difficult, said Alhaji Isa Tafida, the Zonal Operations Manager of DPR. Since the beginning of the year, the state (Kaduna) has been receiving an average of 30 trucks of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) (fuel) per day which is below the state sufficiency requirement of 70 trucks per day.

Three fuel service stations have been shut down by the DPR and a fine of N6 million imposed on any marketer who diverts trucks conveying PMS to fuel service stations. Mr. Bassey Nkanga, the Operations Controller of DPR in charge of Cross River State, who shut down the three fuel service stations in the state over un-accounted three trucks of fuel that were loaded from the depot, said that 24 hours had been given to report back, and upon failing, it will be conclusively deduced that they have diverted the product and all sanctions will be applied accordingly.

Additionally, 16 fuel service stations in Borno and Yobe states had been closed by DPR for “hoarding and selling” fuel above the official station price. Two fuel service stations of Azman Oil & Gas have been ordered by the NNPC for diverting 66,000 liters of PMS, to pay about N16.5 million.

Ndu Ughamadu, Group General Manager, Group Public Affairs Division, NNPC, informed that a joint task force monitoring the persistent fuel crisis in the FCT had also arrested six persons in the Central Business District of the city for hawking fuel in jerry-cans.

After close monitoring by the team, managers of the stations were arrested for diverting trucks of fuel meant for their stations, to unknown destinations. Source: The Guardian PWKD12032018

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