Morocco: Vivo Energy Wins Best Employer 2018 Award

Morocco: Vivo Energy Wins Best Employer 2018 Award

"Best Employer 2018" program aims to pay tribute to Moroccan and multinational companies operating in Morocco offering the best work environment

The company in charge of the marketing and distribution of Shell brand fuels and lubricants in Morocco, Vivo Energy Maroc has been awarded the Best Employer 2018

Asaf V Sasaoglu, CEO of Vivo Energy Morocco, said "We are very proud to have been awarded the Best Employer Award, which is dedicated to our ongoing efforts for the well-being of our people. This award rewards above all our corporate culture and our work climate. It also confirms the pride of belonging to Vivo Energy Morocco of each of our employees."

This result is owed by Vivo Energy Morocco to the satisfaction of its employees, who were invited to answer a questionnaire about their perception of working conditions, company culture, HR management, career development, compensation and professional recognition. As part of a survey conducted by the Human Resources Department on the different practices in the management of human capital, this evaluation was supplemented by an analysis of the personnel policy.

Vivo Energy Maroc employees have enjoyed a pleasant and supportive work environment, due to its strong corporate culture that promotes honesty, fairness, recognition and respect, as well as positions with strong challenges and opportunities for career development.

"We are convinced at Vivo Energy Maroc that the key to the success of any organization lies in the quality of its human capital. We are sparing no effort or investment to foster an excellent work environment where women and men thrive and live well," said Hind Ameziane, Director of Human Resources at Vivo Energy Morocco. PWKD13032018

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