UAE: ADNOC Distribution Declares ADNOC Flex Has Positive Response

UAE: ADNOC Distribution Declares ADNOC Flex Has Positive Response

The UAE’s largest fuel and convenience retailer, ADNOC Distribution, has revealed that customers are embracing the new choice of fueling services, following release of early results from a free trial period of ADNOC Flex.

Premium Service and a Self-Serve option was offered at twenty fuel service stations in Abu Dhabi with a free trial period, while another 20 fuel service stations rolled out ADNOC Flex.

With 69% of customers choosing the Premium Service and 31% taking the Self-Serve option, 157,000 transactions have occurred at the 40 ADNOC Flex stations.

Saeed Mubarak Al Rashdi, ADNOC Distribution’s Acting CEO, said: “The early results of the ADNOC Flex free trial period are encouraging and clearly show that customers, while still familiarizing themselves with the new fueling options, they like the greater choice of fuel services that ADNOC Distribution is offering.”

Nasser Al Hammadi, ADNOC Distribution’s Chief Retail Officer, said that it’s still early days, and they would be rolling ADNOC Flex out to many more stations over the coming months, but the results to date are certainly encouraging. “Over the coming days and weeks, our attendants will continue helping customers so they can make an informed decision about which service suits them best.”

Customers who choose the Premium Service option, when fully introduced, will receive an enhanced level of customer service, promotional products, discounts on other ADNOC Distribution products and services and exclusive deals from partners. PWKD26042018

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