Sudan: Agreement Likely With Saudi Arabia For Fuel Crisis

Sudan: Agreement Likely With Saudi Arabia For Fuel Crisis

Saudi Arabia will provide Sudan with about 1.8 million tonnes of fuel a year, for the next five years.

Sudanese Oil Minister, Abdelrahman Osman, said discussions were ongoing with the Government of Saudi Arabia to sign a fuel agreement which aims to fill Sudan's fuel consumption gap. The final agreement is expected to be signed within the next days.

The government has been reconsidering its military participation in Yemen, where Sudan has sent at least 3,000 ground troops to support a Saudi-led coalition and the potential fuel deal comes in the wake of this move.

The country is currently undergoing a fuel crisis and its catastrophic effects is being felt throughout Sudan with fuel shortages having affected all cities, villages and rural areas.

Thousands of livestock on which people rely for their livelihood are at risk of dying because there is little diesel available to use for pumping up drinking water. The water crisis has intensified causing death of livestock, especially sheep amid occurrence of severe conflicts at the water resources. Source: allAfrica PWKD14052018

Last modified onMonday, 14 May 2018 06:00
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