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Ghana: GOIL Launches Bulk Transporters’ Driving Guide

Ghana: GOIL Launches Bulk Transporters’ Driving Guide

The booklet is to serve as an all-inclusive format to inculcate safety

With the aim to guide drivers of fuel products on the safety mechanism for movement from depots to delivery points, Ghana Oil Company Limited (GOIL) has introduced the bulk transporters’ driving manual.

It has been revealed by GOIL’s research that the professional fuel driver performed potentially hazardous and important function in the distribution chain of fuel products, said Patrick Akpe Kwame Akorli, Group Chief Executive Officer of GOIL. “As such it was critical that these professional drivers are equipped with expertise and operational reference manual to ensure that safety is never compromised with respect to life, property and environment in the performance their duties.”

In the transportation of fuel products, the manual is to serve as a comprehensive format to instill safety, and health consciousness as well as environmentally responsible operation.

Offering guidelines for the transportation of fuel products, promote and standardize the safety, health and environmental practices among truck drivers for the transportation of hazardous substances was the goal of GOIL. Certification process, information on various fuel products, their characteristics and hazards cover the booklet.

As pace setters in the downstream industry, GOIL would continue to set up mechanism to ensure reliable risk management and continual review, analysis and improvement of business processes, and conduct business in an honest transparent and trust worthy manner, said Ben Torkornoo, GOIL Head of Operations. “GOIL strives to provide its customers with products and services which meet their expectations as well as statutory and regulatory requirements.” PWKD16052018

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