Nigeria: Mobil Launches LPG At Select Fuel Service Stations

Nigeria: Mobil Launches LPG At Select Fuel Service Stations

NIPCO Investment Company’s acquisition of Mobil Oil Nigeria plc, has brought in a new beginning.

NIPCO being quite strong in the LPG business, having wide assets and infrastructure within the various value chain covering both storage, distribution and various other investments at the retailing end of the business, regular supply of product to customers is guaranteed with these merits. NIPCO has technical supply agreement with Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG), the largest producers of LPG in the country, guaranteeing uninterrupted and steady pipeline supply.

Due to the abundance of natural gas availability in the country, advantage of opportunity can be taken provided by government’s initiative through NNPC for rapid growth and expansion of LPG market. In most developing countries, clean energy is most sought after option.

In terms of other infrastructure like piping of LPG to individual homes and creating more aggressive awareness on the advantages of the use of LPG to power domestic cooking, a lot more still needs to be done. Other positives in the use of LPG as a domestic cooking gas include reduction in deforestation, cleaner oxygen is guaranteed and prevention of airborne diseases caused by carbon monoxide.

Mobil sees great potential for growth in this segment with their many years of expertise in downstream fuel marketing. Considerable investments in LPG infrastructure have been made such as compressors, generator sets, water hydrants and other safety equipment, in addition to investing in human capital growth/ development and training to build customer confidence and increase the use of LPG in homes. Recently, 20 personnel were brought in, who were directly involved with LPG operation and provided training, in conjunction with the Nigeria Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association – NLPGA.

Mobil ensures the best in class and safest LPG skids and other gear that can be currently found in the market, a sound technical and support team that will maintain the equipment routinely for accurate quality service delivery, trained committed, motivated staff to dispense the product and handle customer related enquiries, improved customer service focus leveraging on strong brand equity. PWKD13062018

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