Ghana: Total Ghana Presents Total Card Package ‘Total Troxi Club’

Ghana: Total Ghana Presents Total Card Package ‘Total Troxi Club’

The Total Troxi Club, a special Total Card package, been introduced by Total Ghana Limited, for Ghanaian commercial drivers which will empower them buy fuel and other fuel products at a cheaper prize from all their service stations across the country.

Giving drivers and motorists a five percent discounted at every purchase, is the innovative Total card, which is a first from the company, helping them to save more. Purchases made by drivers are tracked by the card, allowing them win prizes every three months.

Managing Director of Total Ghana Limited, Eric Fanchini said that the Total B2C card which was introduced in 2016 has become the preferred choice of the motoring public giving them a cashless, convenient and secured means of paying for their transactions at any Total station and also helping them to manage their fuel budget.

Fanchini added, “Total understands that fuels in general are huge cost components for operating taxi, trotro and motorcycling services in the country that is why we continuously seek ways to enhance the benefit packages of all members of the Total Troxi Club. You can now earn profit as you purchase fuel from Total service stations and we also reward you for your loyalty to our brand. From today you can now enjoy cheaper fuel prices and many more attractive packages the Total Troxi Club has specially made for you.”

The Chief Executive Officer of the Association of Oil Marketing Companies, Kweku Agyemang Duah, said, “When you look at the innovations this fuel marketing companies are introducing to benefit the average consumer, it is wonderful, especially when commercial drivers are also benefiting. This is really good. It is innovative and something that comes out of deregulation exercise we are having in the industry,” Source: Ghana Web PWKD20072018

Last modified onFriday, 20 July 2018 04:49
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