S. Africa: Engen Increases 24-hour Automated Parcel Lockers

S. Africa: Engen Increases 24-hour Automated Parcel Lockers

As Engen gets ready to ramp up its 24-hour automated parcel locker service, it is set to multiply the number of collection and drop-off points across its network, taking one-stop convenience to new levels.

As a result of a partnership between the energy company and logistics group DSV Global Transport and Logistics, till date, tens of thousands of parcels have been delivered and collected via the DSV ByBoxes, set up in the courtyards of Engen service stations countrywide.

The company is at present, proposing to more than double the current 69 ByBoxes, to 160, by the end of the year, to keep pace with the growing demand, and to extend the alternative delivery service as widely as possible.

Engen’s Digital Innovation Manager for Retail, Mohamed Hassanally, said, “This is part of our overall strategy to use innovation to improve our service levels wherever possible, along with the convenience factor in terms of the array of services we offer our customers at Engen service stations.”

The automated parcel lockers have been created in response to the growing popularity of the buy-and-collect trend, presenting a secure and convenient way to send or receive parcels. Accessible 24 hours a day, the touch screen instructions make it extremely simple to deposit the parcel in the correct locker.

At present, the company is concentrating on providing the service at Engen service stations in big metropolitan areas, even as Engen works hard to meet the target for the installation of the additional ByBoxes by the end of 2018. However, they have plans to further extend the offering in the future, to smaller towns across South Africa.

Hassanally adds, “This is a great service for everyone, but especially those who may not be in a position to accept deliveries at their workplaces, or who live in areas where home deliveries aren’t feasible. They can choose a convenient collection point and pick up their delivery whatever time of the day or night suits them. And that’s definitely a service we would ultimately like to make available to all South Africans, regardless of where they live. The alternative, user-friendly delivery solution also dovetails with Engen’s greater aim of offering one-stop convenience at all its outlets. This is just another way in which we are trying to make life better for our customers.” PWKD06082018

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