Qatar: Woqod Plans 30 Plus Fuel Service Stations In 2018

Qatar: Woqod Plans 30 Plus Fuel Service Stations In 2018

 Woqod has set a target of 120 fuel service stations to be in the network by the end of 2020.

Woqod proposes to construct four fuel service stations and commence operations of 30 fuel stations during the remainder of 2018. For the construction of four fuel stations, the company recently floated tenders. It has coordinated with the Urban Planning Department at the Ministry of Municipality & Environment for the selection of sites for the new fuel service stations.

For the service of cars and trucks, the sites have been allocated large areas of up to 20,000M2. Each site has been allocated an additional area of 20,000M2, adjacent to the fuel station to be used for parking and rest areas.

Various factors have been taken into consideration such as station design, separate entrance and exit points as well as movement of vehicles including trucks within the fuel station compound. It has also taken into account all the security and safety standards in accordance with the requirements, specifications and standards in force in Qatar.

Woqod CEO, Saad Rashed al-Muhannadi remarked that Woqod had opened and operated eight fuel stations so far this year. Construction work is underway for another 26 permanent and mobile stations, most of which will be opened by end-2018.

Woqod is ensuring the increase of dispensers in new stations, and hence, the number of fuel dispensers is expected to be increased by 50% by the end of 2018, in comparison with 2017.

120 fuel service stations are being targeted by Woqod across the country by the end of 2020.

Al-Muhannadi added, “Woqod will not miss any opportunity for construction of fuel stations on any land allocated inside and outside the city of Doha, to meet the needs of the State of Qatar, regardless of the cost. Woqod is grateful to all parties for their contribution to completing the fuel and service station projects as soon as possible.” Source: Woqod PWKD12092018

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