Morocco: Vivo Energy Renews Partnership With Injaz Al Maghrib

Morocco: Vivo Energy Renews Partnership With Injaz Al Maghrib

The company in charge of the distribution and marketing of Shell brand fuels and lubricants in Morocco, and Butagaz brand Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Vivo Energy Maroc, has renewed its partnership with the Injaz Al Maghrib association.

Asaf V Sasaoglu, CEO of Vivo Energy Maroc said that as a stakeholder in the Injaz-Al Maghrib initiative, their vocation is to be a learning enterprise, and are consolidating all their efforts to open up new professional horizons for Moroccan youth. “We are also proud of the enthusiasm of our employees to participate in Injaz's various entrepreneurship education programs. It is they who through our internal satisfaction surveys have asked us to be more involved in the social life of our company and to contribute to citizen actions.”

Vivo Energy Morocco encourages their voluntary participation in INJAZ initiatives, since the commitment of a company passes by that of its collaborators. The association's education and awareness programs, which has been designed for young students and students, aim to reveal the potential of young people and prepare them for absorption in the job market.

Laila Mamou, President of INJAZ Al Maghrib remarked that Vivo Energy Morocco is a reference partner. “Thanks to their support and involvement, we have been able to carry out major entrepreneurship promotion programs. In addition to the financial contribution, the company's employees volunteer to provide Injaz programs. A company like Vivo Energy Maroc is making CSR a real strategic axis of development, by highlighting its skills sponsorship.” PWKD10102018

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