Pertamina Lubricants Expands in SE Asia

Pertamina Lubricants Expands in SE  Asia

Pertamina Lubricants Thailand continues to strengthen its lubricant products market in South Asia.

  This includes Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand. If you add Bangladesh, the  Director of PT Pertamina Lubricants Thailand, Budhi Suharyanto believes the potential of the lubs market is similar to Indonesia.

Market share of Pertamina Lubricants in automotive lubs in South East Asia was targeted 10,500 kiloliters (kl) in 2015. Meanwhile, for Thailand the target was 6,600 kl per year. Installed capacity of production of Pertamina Lubricants Thailand currently reached 6,600 kl per year. Moreover, storage tank capacity reached 1,600 kl (19 units tank) and tank blending was 200kl (a total of 14 units).

Budhi explained, exports to South East Asia countries were easily accessible by land and sea. The permission process was also fast and efficient."I am optimistic that Pertamina Lubricants Thailand's market share will reach the target and evolve in the future, so the presence of Pertamina products outside of Indonesia is increasingly recognized and able to compete with international companies," he says. PetrolWorld 181115  Source: Tempo






Last modified onWednesday, 18 November 2015 21:13
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