Indonesia: Pertamina Fuel Retail to go International

Indonesia: Pertamina Fuel Retail to go International

 Pertamina Marketing & Retail is optimistic about developing its fuel retail brand in other South East Asia Countries.

 Currently Pertamina is expecting to develop fuel sales during 2016 in Myanmar and Cambodia.  According to Ahmad Bambang, Pertamina's marketing director, “Pertamina is bidding to sell fuel in Myanmar with Myanmar Petroleum Products Enterprise (MPPE) and expects to receive the bidding result in the next three weeks.  We would invest $33 million for the project”

Under the bidding proposal, Pertamina and MPPE would establish a joint venture to sell co-branded oil fuels. Pertamina would operate 18 fuel depots and 12 fuel service stations.  The agreement would also open an opportunity for Pertamina to sell fuel to other independent fuel stations across Myanmar.

In Cambodia, Pertamina is in negotiations with a local partner to develop the Pertamina brand and operate its own fuel retail network.  However at this stage, this will not include a fuel depot, Ahmad said.

Rini Soemarno, the State-Owned Enterprise Minister, told local media that she targeted Pertamina to develop their brand in at least one other South East Asia country by 2018.  PetrolWorld 080216

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