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Japan: Yokohama Port Considered For First LNG Marine Fueling Station

Japan: Yokohama Port Considered For First LNG Marine Fueling Station

Yokohama port designated for first LNG marine fueling station for ships using liquefied natural gas under a public-private investment

Representatives from Tokyo Gas and shipper Nippon Yusen would be soon meeting a committee including officials from Japan’s transport and economy ministries to look into the creation of LNG fueling stations, using Yokohama’s port as a model case. Port’s operator and the city officials would also be part of this meeting.

Nippon Yusen has introduced tugboats which run on fuel and Tokyo gas operates an LNG terminal in Yokohama. The committee, with the objective of producing an infrastructure development plan, would examine the state of the city’s port, as well as its costs, market factors and technological needs involved in the project by the end of this year. Cost of updating the port facilities and purchasing fueling ships alone cost over 10 billion yen ($93.1 million).

The higher cost of building vessels that burn LNG means that only some current container and cruise ships are capable of doing so. Compared with traditional heavy oil, the fuel yields environmental benefits, releasing few sulfur oxides when burned. North America and Northern Europe have heavily regulated the emission of these compounds off their shores. Rules could be tightened for other oceanic territories as well as soon as 2020 by the United Nations’ International Maritime Organization.

At the meeting of Group of Seven energy ministers in May, it was announced that measures for promoting liquefied natural gas as a fuel for ships are included in Japan’s plan to develop that market. The transport ministry anticipates that Japan’s ports would become internationally competitive once the LNG stations are added. PWKD09062016

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