India: Dealer Consortium to Disrupt Fuel Retail Network

India: Dealer Consortium to Disrupt Fuel Retail Network

The Indian Petroleum Dealers are seeking to increase commission rates and have put disruptive plans in place

The Consortium of Indian Petroleum Dealers have issued a statment of intent to shut down their members fuel retail network on sundays and to halt fuel purchase from 10th May 2017. They will continue the strike over the subsequent Sundays if the Government fails to comply with their demand for a rise in the dealer’s commission. CIPD has earlier called off their demand in January when the Oil Companies promised a hike in the commission but no action was implemented to date. The dealer commission on petrol is currently at INR 2.56 per litre whereas on diesel it stands at INR 1.65 per liter. The dealers are also planning to change the working hours by keeping open only for 8 to 9 hours on weekdays.  PWKD13042017



Last modified onSunday, 16 April 2017 08:30
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