Conference Speaker Update Includes Petronas Confirmation

Conference Speaker Update Includes Petronas Confirmation

 The Head of Petronas Retail Business is now a confirmed speaker on the first day of the PetrolWorld Conference.

“Petronas Retail in the Brave New World” is the title of the presentation and will be a key presentation in light of the current change taking place.

Other speakers to be confirmed over the coming two weeks are Kalibrate Technology and Afriquia Fuel Retail of Morocco. Spar International is expected to speak under the “Convenience Retail & Ancillary Services” section of the Conference.

One important aspect of the Conference is that the technology, engineering and equipment side of the business will be taking place on the 2nd day.  The first day will be targeting the marketing retail segment.

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Last modified onFriday, 21 April 2017 07:18
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