Australia: Caltex Partners For Fatality Free Friday

Australia: Caltex Partners For Fatality Free Friday

Caltex works to reduce the shattering impact of road distress through its support of ARSF

According to new research, Australia’s road users continue to put themselves and others at risk, regardless of the fact that road crashes have claimed the lives of 291 Victorian’s last year.

Released by the Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF) in the lead up to its annual Fatality Free Friday initiative, the new data highlights not only the irresponsible behavior of drivers but also those who sit idly by and allow it to happen.

More than half (51%) of Victorians, the study revealed, do not ask speeding friends or family members to slow down. Many believe it is simply not their place to caution another driver. Victorians let illegal behavior slide not just with loved ones.52% of Victorians riding with a texting taxi, UBER or professional driver will not ask them to put their phone away because one in 10 of these passengers claim it is because they are too afraid, while an additional 6% just ‘can’t be bothered’ speaking to the driver.

ARSF founder and CEO Russell White said, “We need to create a culture where we call each other out on bad behavior behind the wheel, instead of shuffling the responsibility onto others. That’s what our Fatality Free Friday initiative is all about; educating road users on the individual role they play in reducing the devastating impact of road crashes. Obviously nobody goes out looking to be in a road crash, but not everyone goes out deliberately looking to avoid one either, and that is evident every time someone speeds, takes a risk on the road, or uses their mobile phone.”

Higher than the national average of 20%, one in five Victorians narrowly avoid a car crash at least once a month, which is equally alarming as revealed by the data. The nation’s largest community-based road safety initiative, ARSF launches its Victorian campaign to gather safety pledges ahead of Fatality Free Friday. 

The founding partner of Fatality Free Friday, Caltex, continues to work to reduce the devastating impact of road trauma through its support of ARSF. With the opening of a new  entry point to their Newport Terminal, a feature of the $75 million upgrade, which will create safer driving conditions in the community, Caltex will help the ARSF launch its Victorian Fatality Free Friday crusade. Heavy vehicles canmaneuver clear of a known, local blackspot by using Caltex’s terminal upgrade entrance.

Frank Boys, Caltex’s acting Executive General Manager Supply Operations, said “We’re out on the road every single day, sharing it with our customers, suppliers and neighbors. That’s one reason why being an advocate for road safety is immensely important to us and the communities in which we operate.” PWKD16052017

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