New Zealand: Z Fuel Service Stations On Anti-Plastic Bag Drive

New Zealand: Z Fuel Service Stations On Anti-Plastic Bag Drive

The move is a small step towards environmental change.

With the aim to encourage customers to think twice before taking a bag, a Canterbury Retailer has introduced a voluntary plastic bag levy on International Plastic Bag Free Day.

During July, customers at 14 Z fuel service stations will be asked if they need a bag and if they'd like to donate 10 cents for each bag to Sustainable Coastlines, the charity which cleans up New Zealand’s coastlines and waterways.

Canterbury Retailer, Anton Hutton, who operates the 14 Christchurch sites, says “Single-use plastic bags are having a massive ecological impact on our world. Millions of tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans every year and we can all make a difference to stop this tide of waste. My 14 Z fuel service stations alone give out around 52,000 single-use plastic bags to customers every year.”

Although the move is a small step towards change, environmental sustainability is about everyone making small changes that together make a difference.  The initiative is a pilot by Z to measure if the move reduces plastic bag usage which the company will then use to look at how the scheme could be tweaked and rolled out to other Z service stations around the country.

“We’re committed to working with our customers to contribute to reducing the millions of plastic bags that shoppers around the world use every year,” says Z Sustainability Manager, Gerri Ward. PWKD05072017

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