India: Fuel Dispensers To Be Electronically Password Sealed

India: Fuel Dispensers To Be Electronically Password Sealed

The decision follows after fuel service stations were found to deceive customers by dispensing less fuel

 At a meeting of government officials with fuel marketers and equipment manufacturers, it has been decided to electronically seal fuel dispensing machines with passwords to prevent any manipulation of electronic systems to deceive motorists.

This comes after a no. of fuel service stations were found to cheat consumers by dispensing less fuel than what is reflected on the electronic display, mainly by using an electronic chip to manipulate the pulsar card that measures the amount of fuel being pumped in.

One of the components of fuel dispensing machines is pulsar card, which is sealed by legal metrology department. E-sealing would ensure that technicians cannot tamper with it or attach any ‘pulse frequency enhancer' chip with it.

“A chip causes loss of about 50-70 ml of fuel per liter to a customer. With e-sealing, any sort of intrusion can be avoided,” said a government official.

Though the pulse enhancer device costs about `50,000, it allows fuel station owners to cheat motorists of `12-15 lakh every month.

Officials from state legal metrology departments, fuel firms and equipment makers have decided to jointly undertake electronic sealing exercise, where they secure the fuel dispensing unit with a password.

A consumer affairs official has said that the matter is being given utmost priority by both the ministries and would start the process at one place, spreading out gradually across the country in phases. Source: Economic Times PWKD10072017

Last modified onTuesday, 11 July 2017 06:35
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