Indonesia: PT Pertamina MOR Dexlite Fuel Launch

Indonesia: PT Pertamina MOR Dexlite Fuel Launch

The latest non-subsidized diesel fuel from PT Pertamina is being marketed by Marketing Operation Region (MOR) VIII under the name Dexlite, which has a higher 51 cetane number than diesel.

Dexlite is available in the General Fuel Filling Station region in Biak. Dexlite outlets will continue to be added to enable customers to obtain diesel fuel quality at affordable prices. "Dexlite products are expected to be an alternative choice for consumers who want better fuel from solar type products with a more affordable price", said Made Adi Putra, GM of Pertamina MOR VIII.

Increase in Dexlite sales is due to the previous sales results in other parts of Indonesia, consumer interest in Dexlite products is quite good.Formulated by Pertamina, Dexlite is a Diesel fuel product for consumers of diesel-engine vehicles whose population is increasing in line with the increasingly tight limits on exhaust emissions. Dexlite will target a niche market segment of diesel engine users between Solar and Pertamina Dex.

Pertamina's product innovation is taking advantage of a growing opportunity within the  diesel consumer market. PWKD13072017

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