Pakistan: Total Parco Total Services App Launch

Pakistan: Total Parco Total Services App Launch

The new app is designed to enhance consumer’s daily life with its practical and constructive features


Total Services App has been recently launched globally by Total Parco Pakistan Ltd for its customers and the business community with a focus on the local market, so that people can use the app globally which will show them updates according to the local area.

Designed to accommodate Total Parco customers, the app is equipped with useful features which could bring ease in the daily life of the customers, providing information on specific fuel and lubricant products and enabling customers to locate the nearest top rated station with the help of the app.

It will also serve as a direct channel of communication with the company, with which users will be able to access latest promotions on various stations.

This is the first step taken by the company to engage its customers on the digital front, and hopes to continue to improve the app and add more features later.  Source: RS Tech PWKD01082017

Last modified onMonday, 31 July 2017 21:09
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