New Zealand: Z Energy Achieves 2017 Best Employer Award

New Zealand: Z Energy Achieves 2017 Best Employer Award

Z Energy has made the accomplishment during a year when the company executed one of New Zealand’s biggest acquisitions.


The 2017 Aon Hewitt ‘Best Employer’ annual award has been achieved by Z Energy, an award that recognizes the best employers across Australasia based on employee engagement scores and people management practices. The award is especially significant for the fact that it has been achieved during a year characterized by executing one of New Zealand’s biggest acquisitions.

Following the acquisition of Chevron New Zealand last year, the company had put special focus on maintaining engagement throughout the challenging process of bringing two companies together.

Z’s General Manager of People and Culture, Sharlene Taylor said, “Historically the biggest risks of mergers and acquisitions are the risks of staff disengagement, when companies put two businesses together and hope for the best. Z took this risk off the table with an unconventional way of merging two cultures and people, taking a broader perspective on how we defined success of the acquisition. Engagement is critical to a high performance workplace, so getting a good result at these awards, now that we are a much bigger business, is really important to us.”

Z assigns some of its success to its investment in senior leaders ahead of deal, since it was crucial to make sure the business understood the Chevron New Zealand culture and what was important to its people. PWKD02082017

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