Australia: Tasmanian Govt to Bring Rules For Fuel Ads

Australia: Tasmanian Govt to Bring Rules For Fuel Ads

Fuel prices displayed on the advertising board should reflect standard retail prices

 Plans are underway by the state government to introduce a rule that will remove promotional fuel prices from advertising boards at fuel service stations, according to which, a fuel retailer can display information on a fuel price board about discounts and special offers only if the fuel prices displayed on the board are the standard retail prices.

In order to decide where to buy their fuel, motorists needed clear information on prices, said Government spokesman Guy Barnett.

The average price for fuel in Tasmania remained around 136 cents per liter, which was far above the national average of 122 cents per liter, according to the Australian Institute of Petroleum. PWKD11082017

Last modified onThursday, 10 August 2017 23:47
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