Cambodia: Mobile Fuel Lab To Monitor Fuel Quality Standards Within Network

Cambodia: Mobile Fuel Lab To Monitor Fuel Quality Standards Within Network

The initiative is anticipated to maintian appropriate fuel standards and curb malpractices.

A mobile fuel lab has been launched by the Ministry of Commerce, to maintian fuel quality standards and identify fuel fraud within the fuel service station network. Under the authority of CamControl, the lab will operate across the country. The special mobile fuel lab will checks sites and ensure every station is registered legally and stations that received license from registered companies as retailers, with particular attention given to stations that customers have complained about.

Commerce Minister Pan Sorasak said, “So far, we have received complaints from international fuel retailers , over the standard of fuel sales and unfair competition. By launching the lab, we create fair competition and fair play in the investment environment for international fuel retail companies. Fuel retailers found to be using illegal fuel will have their licenses withdrawn after three warnings. (Editors note: why 3 warnings?)   The ministry plans to have a mobile fuel lab for  each province.

HuongSunhin, fuel station section manager at the PTT fuel retail network, welcomes the move stating, “It is good as our company has always wanted to see the fuel lab create fair competition in the market. Companies should compete in service and quality. PTT uses its own labs to carry out checks at 39 stations across the country to ensure the quality of its fuel.” Source: Khmer Times PWKD04092017

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