Japan: Honda Plans Faster Filling Hydrogen Stations

Japan: Honda Plans Faster Filling Hydrogen Stations

By 2020, 100 alternative fuel service stations are proposed to be installed throughout the country

Beginning 2018, Honda Motor plans to roll out across Japan, an improved type of hydrogen fueling station that it has developed. The Japanese automaker hopes to have around 100 of the service stations in place by 2020, with the cooperation of local governments, providing the kind of broad-based infrastructure required if fuel cell cars are to become anything more than a novelty.

Honda has so far installed 15 of the stations nationwide, ever since debuting the Smart Hydrogen Station in 2014. Using solar power and other renewable energy resources, these stations create hydrogen on-site from electrolysis of water. The stations are small and quiet compared with other hydrogen fueling stations, given the fact that the hydrogen gas is pressurized without using a mechanical compressor.

The fuel cell cars can be refueled in just about 3 minutes and loaded with enough hydrogen to travel 750km in Honda's new version of the Smart Hydrogen Station, since the hydrogen gas is pressurized twice as high to 70 megapascals.

Honda claims this station can be installed for just 50 million yen to 70 million yen, when government subsidies are factored in, whereas other hydrogen stations cost 400 million yen to 500 million yen ($3.5 million to $4.4 million)

There are presently only 91 hydrogen fueling stations in Japan, excluding the stations installed independently by companies like Honda, and most of them are located in the main metropolitan areas. Source: Nikkei PWKD01112017

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