Pakistan: PSO & LRBT Partnership To Flight Blindness

Pakistan: PSO & LRBT Partnership To Flight Blindness

PSO decides to team up with LRBT in an effort to fight blindness

The largest fuel marketing company of the country, Pakistan State Oil (PSO), has contributed Rs. 24.6 million to the LRBT towards specialized state of the art ophthalmic equipment to be used as a diagnostic tool for Diabetic Retinopathy/Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD)/Congenital Retinal diseases/Glaucoma as well as controlling its treatment.

“PSO, as responsible corporate citizen, has been very actively and generously supporting sustainable social and economic development through its extensive philanthropic investment in education, healthcare, community development, environment conservation and disaster relief areas,” said Sheikh Imranul Haque, MD & CEO, PSO. “We are pleased today to join hands with the LRBT in their mission. Our funds to LRBT will be used for a state of the art medical equipment, the Fundas Camera. Our support will benefit deserving patients from underprivileged background at LRBT’s Korangi Hospital which is the largest in the entire network of the LRBT’s 75 facilities across Pakistan.”

Mr. Najmus Saquib Hameed, Chairman, LRBT said, “We are extremely grateful to PSO for this generous support as this will be benefiting thousands of poor eye patients in the country. It is commendable how PSO has come forward and helped us by providing funds for the Fundus Camera as this is critical for monitoring the progression of certain eye condition/diseases. 9 % percent of our population suffers from diabetes mellitus. 30 % of diabetics develop diabetic retinopathy an irreversible blinding disease if not treated in time. Regular fundus screening examinations of diabetics is therefore imperative so that treatment with anti VEGF injections and/or retinal laser procedures can be started as soon as needed which will arrest the progression of the disease. We urge other large corporations to come forward and play their part in reduction of curable blindness as a sight loss is a life loss.” PWKD07112017

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