New Zealand: Z Fuel Retail Network Ban Use of Plastic Bags Ban from June 2018

New Zealand: Z Fuel Retail Network Ban Use of Plastic Bags Ban from June 2018

The ban on plastic bags  is part of the company’s dedication to environment sustainability

Z has started encouraging less use of plastic bags and eradicating New Zealand’s dependency on plastic bags, as part of Z’s commitment to environmental sustainability. No plastic bags will be available at service station sites at all, beginning June 2018.

Z’s Sustainability Manager, Gerri Ward, said that going plastic bag free was the right thing to do. Plastic bags take around 1000 years to degrade, and even then they never disappear completely. Even worse is the fact that 10 per cent of all dead animals found in beach clean-ups are entangled in plastic bags.

“We may be a fuel company, but we’re determined to be at the heart of the sustainability solution, and doing something simple like no longer having plastic bags available seems like another small but meaningful step towards a better future. We will take the two and a half million plastic bags we give out each year completely out of circulation,” said Gerri.

Z is taking action not only on plastic bags, but the company is in the process of rolling out new modular fuel service station recycling bins at 115 Z sites. “What we’ve found with the existing bins was that a lot of recycling was getting tainted and had to be thrown into landfill. The new modular fuel station bins separate out customers’ different recycling materials, and will better support customers to recycle,” said Gerri.

New Zealand’s waste volume per capita is the second highest in the developed world and more than double the average.  Z also introduced internationally certified, fully compostable coffee cups late last year as part of the push to reduce waste to landfill which means that instead of 4.5 million coffee cups going to landfill each year, customers can now drop them in Z’s collection bins at Z Espress sites instead.

Gerri concluded that everything they are doing is all about small steps adding up to giant strides. They have a long way to go, but keep gaining momentum and don’t intend to stop anytime soon. PWKD13102017

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