Australia: Viva Energy & Cathy Freeman Foundation 4 Year Partnership

Australia: Viva Energy & Cathy Freeman Foundation 4 Year Partnership

The partnership is to encourage Indigenous education

Viva Energy Australia (Viva Energy) has entered into a major, four-year partnership deal with Cathy Freeman Foundation, billed as the largest in the history of both organizations, in support of Indigenous education.

Viva Energy, during the four-year partnership, will be the national partner of the Horizons Program - a personal development project building resilience and providing students with tools to set and achieve their own goals and to finish Year 12. A major supporter of the Activities Program on Palm Island, Viva Energy, encourages school attendance and achievement via extra-curricular sport, recreation and cultural activities for students.

“It is very exciting to have Viva Energy partner with the Cathy Freeman Foundation, as well as join the first ‘Back to School’ march in Palm Island. The march is a powerful symbol of community support for education and will kick off the school year by inspiring more students to succeed in school,” said Cathy Freeman, Co-Founder and Director of the Cathy Freeman Foundation.

Viva Energy’s Indigenous Advisory Group Chair, Daniel Ridgway said, “We are proud to support the Foundation’s work, which aims to re-engage Indigenous students in education, increase Year 12 completion rates and provide inspiration about future employment opportunities. Our partnership with the Foundation also supports the work we do with the Federal Government to address at-risk behavior and to help support Indigenous youth through the power of education.” PWKD26012018

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