Vietnam: PVOIL Organizes Fuel Price Reduction Programs

Vietnam: PVOIL Organizes Fuel Price Reduction Programs

In order to thank the customers who have supported PVOIL products and brands, PVOIL has organized promotions for consumers to buy fuel directly at 540 fuel service stations nationwide under its direct management.

PVOIL's fuel price reduction programs and loyalty programs were welcomed by enthusiastic consumer promotionsin 2016 and 2017. PVOIL continues with the promotion "Mau Tuat fun with PVOIL", discounted 500VND / liter of E5 RON 92 compared with the retail price of the fuel.

PVOIL also actively takes part in social security activities by offering 1,320 free bus tickets for disadvantaged students from Ho Chi Minh City.

RON 92 was replaced with bio fuel E5 RON 92 at all PVOIL fuel service stations at the beginning of 2018. PVOIL had actively switched to selling bio-fuel E5 RON 92 from 15/12/2017, 15 days earlier than the government regulations.

E5 RON 92 output sold at PVX's petrochemicals reached about 600-650 m3 / day, 2.5 times higher than before and accounted for around 70% of total fuel sales in fuel service stations.

As a major fuel distributor in the country, PVOIL currently has 11 E5 fuel mixing stations in operation and is continuing to invest in other fuel service stations as well. PVOIL ensures the supply of E5 RON 92 for the retail system of 540 stations owned and more than 3,000 agent owned stations, as well as extensive supply to the market.

PVOIL successfully held its first IPO auction recently, offering nearly 207 million shares, representing 20% ​​of the capital of the company. PWKD01022018

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