New Zealand: Z Energy’s ‘Good in the Hood’ 2018 Program Launch

New Zealand: Z Energy’s ‘Good in the Hood’ 2018 Program Launch

Z Energy is inviting groups doing good for people or the environment around New Zealand to be part of their 2018 Good in the Hood community fundraising program.

820 groups will be selected to participate at Z fuel service stations who will all get a piece of the $1 million in funding given away during Good in the Hood voting month in May.

Four groups will be selected by each of Z’s 205 fuel service stations to support and have $4000 to donate. By voting with an orange token every time they shop at Z during voting month, customers determine what percentage of the funding goes to each group.

Z’s Community Manager, Gerri Ward, said, “As a Kiwi company, we believe we have a responsibility to give back locally by supporting groups working hard for their communities. To ensure local needs get addressed, the teams on the ground at every Z site make the call on which groups to support, since they’re the ones who best know the needs of their neighborhoods. Neighborhood groups play an essential role in supporting the well-being of their communities and our teams can’t wait to read through the Good in the Hood applications and see all the good already happening.” PWKD020022018

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