India: MNGL To Introduce Mobile CNG Station

India: MNGL To Introduce Mobile CNG Station

The Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) provider in the city, the Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited (MNGL) is proposing the introduction of a mobile CNG station after commissioning 51 stations, with the proposal in its pilot stage and awaiting required approval concerning safety and security.

Regions in the city where the MNGL has still not commissioned natural gas stations will be allotted the CNG refilling unit.

The number of vehicles running on CNG is constantly on the rise, as per MNGL. An estimated 1.77 lakh vehicles in the city, according to latest reports, have installed CNG units so far including cars, autorickshaws and private buses.

"We have been working on the concept for the past few months,” said MNGL's managing director A M Tambekar. “The proposal has been tabled. Pune will be the first city to have this facility. The unit will be placed in a particular area for a week or so. It can keep moving to different places as well. We will chalk out the movement plan of vehicles once the sanctions are given. MNGL will certainly be able to reach the areas where its services are not available."

He added that the use of CNG, which is known as a cleaner fuel, is on the rise. Private car owners are preferring CNG because of better mileage, low cost, low maintenance and better availability.

MNGL is providing the necessary infrastructure to cater to the people and 51 stations have been commissioned so far which is anticipated to rise to 55 in the next two months and a total of 75 stations will be made operational in the district by March 2019. The 75 stations will the capacity to meet requirements of vehicles.

A senior MNGL official said that PNG is piped natural cooking gas that the MNGL supplies to homes. "Of the 51 stations operational in the city, some are round-the-clock. The waiting at stations to refill fuel has dropped considerably in the past few months.” Source: Times of India PWKD06022018

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