Thailand: PTT Speed Pay For Faster Payment Launch

Thailand: PTT Speed Pay For Faster Payment Launch

A Dynamic QR Code scanning will enable a more convenient and faster payment method

PTT has launched a new payment mode, PTT Speed Pay at PTT Fuel service station. The new system allows a more convenience and faster payment method through a Dynamic QR Code scanning that aligns with the national policy of e-payment method set by the Ministry of Finance.

PTT sees constant development in terms of e-payment in today’s technological advances,serving the needs of today’s new generation lifestyles, enhancing consumer satisfaction by providing a more convenient method payment at PTT fuel service station and retails stores.

Through a special Drive Thru lane, PTT Speed Pay customers can swiftly and easily pay for refuel and purchases at PTT fuel stationby scanning the QR Code through Mobile Banking application where a QR Code containing the fuel information will appear on the screen as proof of payment and PTT Blue Card earned points. The Drive Thru lane is also used as an expressway for payments by credit card, including Contactless Payment.

In order to serve customer need effectively, credit card payment will be done through Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system, which was developed through the corporation via Kasikorn Bank and PTT. Reducing the amount of time to refuel and payment by 20% is expected by the system.

BY mid-2018, PTT plans to expand its technological development into retail businesses. To further serve consumer needs were PTT will analyze such needs though a conducted customer survey in order to improve its system more effectively, PTT also has plans to develop PTT Speed Pay system to other related technological devices such as e-Wallet, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Image Processing. PWKD07022018

Last modified onTuesday, 06 February 2018 23:04
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