Vietnam Oil "PVOIL Easy" Launch

Vietnam Oil "PVOIL Easy" Launch

Vietnam Oil Corporation has introduced "PVOIL Easy", a fuel trading solution for PVOIL member customers.

The aim of the ‘PVOIL Easy’ program is to build a centralized management system, modern management and payment solution through the management software of ‘PVOIL Easy’.

To carry out fuel trading transaction in PVOIL, digital card solution, read QR code on mobile device of driver and salesman, has been applied by PVOIL. Member customers need to sign a contract with a business unit of PVOIL, to participate in the program, and then can buy fuel at the fuel station of that business unit or at any station in the whole PVOIL system nationwide. Payment is only at the end of the period for business units that have signed the contract.

Member customers receive benefits such as credit limit, late payment and repayment at the end of the period for the contracted business unit, including buying fuel at any fuel station of PVOIL nationwide and still be paid late; non-cash payments and non-credit cards; provides smart, modern management tools installed on computers and mobile devices, for those participating in the "PVOIL Easy" program.

PVOIL introduced and launched the program to a large number of customers, after a period of preparation on material-technical basis. The program is being operated in its pilot phase. To implement the program, PVOIL and its member companies have signed cooperation agreements with Viettel Post Joint Stock Company and Viettel Post Interprovincial Company. PWKD12022018

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