Vietnam: Petrolimex Adds QR Code On Petrolimex Lubricants

Vietnam: Petrolimex Adds QR Code On Petrolimex Lubricants

This would give consumers valuable information of goods like origin, quality, user guide etc there by eliminating counterfeit goods

With the aim to help customers identify the origin of goods, Petrolimex Petrochemical Corporation (PLC) has added a QR code on the packaging of Petrolimex lubricants.

Customers would be enabled to get detailed information about products such as quality, user guide, and certificates of quality and origin fully and quickly, with the implementation of the authentication stamp. This would help customers to swiftly and efficiently recognize the origin of lubricants produced by PLC and avoid purchasing fake goods in the market.

A buyer who buys a product for direct use is required to scratch off the silver aluminum on the authentication stamp to see the QR code and message code and use a camera phone to scan on the QR code for detailed information authenticating the origin of the product.

However, authentication is provided only once. The system only informs that the product is sold, plus general information and information on quality certificate attached to the shipment, from the second test. PWKD27022018

Last modified onTuesday, 27 February 2018 00:27
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