Malaysia: PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel Euro 5 with Pro-Drive In Sarawak

Malaysia: PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel Euro 5 with Pro-Drive In Sarawak

The superior formulation PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel Euro 5 allows fuel to effectively clean the engine, ensuring optimum engine efficiency.

PETRONAS DaganganBerhad (PDB) has decided to extend the reach of its enhanced PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel Euro 5 with Pro-Drive to Sarawak, starting with Bintulu and Miri, consistent with the increasing demand for better quality diesel in the region.

Introduced in November last year, the new generation sulphur-free diesel has confirmed to deliver smoother drive and superior fuel economy with cleaner emission.

Minister of Utilities, Dato Sri Dr Stephen RundiUtom said that Sarawak very much welcomes the new generation of sulphur-free diesel, since Sarawakians are largely dependent on diesel. Motorists are assured that not only are they driving a cleaner fuel, but also one that is more powerful, giving them a smoother and longer journey.

Pro-Drive, a combination of reformulated higher quality base diesel from PETRONAS’ refinery and uniquely formulated chemistries designed for today’s advance common-rail diesel engine helps achieve the superior quality of the new diesel.

PETRONAS’ Vice President of Downstream Marketing, Datuk Seri Hj Syed Zainal Abidin Bin Syed Mohd Tahir said, “We are availing the new diesel at nine selected PETRONAS stations in Bintulu and Miri by end of March, and are looking into increasing the availability to over 20 stations across Sarawak by this year. We recognize that the state is undergoing rapid development with a few mega projects in the pipeline including the Pan Borneo Highway and demand for quality diesel will grow in tandem. We hope to speed up the availability as fast as possible to cater to this growing demand.”

Three key benefits for diesel vehicles are achieved by the improved PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel Euro 5 with Pro-Drive: -critical diesel engine parts are cleaned and protected, prolonging engine life; combustion is improved and engine performance optimized providing greater fuel economy; being easier to start with less vibration, a smoother drive is delivered for a better journey. PWKD07032018

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