Indonesia: PT Pertamina Retail Devises Joint Labor Agreement

Indonesia: PT Pertamina Retail Devises Joint Labor Agreement

PT Pertamina Retail has formulated an open, transparent and communicative industrial relationship, which is a joint labor agreement (PKB), for the period 2018-2020, to understand and appreciate respective duties and obligations and to fully realize mutual responsibility.

Sofyan Yusuf, President Director of PT Pertamina Retail, said "We view the important role of dialogue and communication in these negotiations to build understanding, trust in overcoming business challenges. PT Pertamina Retail strongly encourages the creation of open, transparent communication and constructive suggestions for our mutual progress. Implementation of PKB negotiations for the period 2018-2020 is a clear proof of the company's commitment and union in implementing legislation in the field of manpower."

Donny Widyanto, chairman of the trade union of PT Pertamina Retail (SP2RB) detailed that the ongoing PKB negotiations for PT Pertamina Retail is the first such negotiation, and is in the preliminary stage. The companies and trade unions, have the same goal to support the company's vision.

He added, "We can convey that the objective of the implementation of this CLA negotiation is to improve the synergy between the company and the workers in accordance with the provisions contained in the laws and regulations of the Republic of Indonesia concerning manpower no. 13 year 2003 Article 116 and jointly with SP2RB to improve the business performance of the company for the realization of welfare for all workers by making workers as a valuable asset for the company, PT Pertamina Retail. PWKD08032018

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