Japan: Air Liquide & 10 Companies Form ‘Japan H2 Mobility’ Consortium

Japan: Air Liquide & 10 Companies Form ‘Japan H2 Mobility’ Consortium

The 11 companies have teamed up to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen stations and fuel cell electric vehicles

‘Japan H2 Mobility’, consortium has been formed by Air Liquide and 10 large Japanese companies, representing several industries and finance, for the purpose of accelerating the deployment in Japan, of hydrogen stations and fuel cell electric vehicles. In order to build a network of 320 stations by 2025, and 900 by 2030, the 11 founding companies will contribute to the development of a large-scale hydrogen infrastructure, in connection with the stated ambition of the Japanese government.

Currently, an estimated 100 stations are already in operation in Japan. In the beginning, 80 new hydrogen stations, over the next four years, will be targeted to be provided by the 11 member companies of the ‘Japan H2 Mobility’ consortium, which will serve to recharge a fleet of nearly 40,000 hydrogen-powered electric cars. By 2021, Air Liquide for its part will install and operate around twenty stations.

An alternative solution for addressing the challenge of clean transportation is provided by Hydrogen, contributing to the improvement in air quality. Hydrogen, when used in a fuel cell, combines with the oxygen in air to produce electricity, with water as the only by-product. Air Liquide masters the entire hydrogen supply chain, and till date has designed and installed 100 hydrogen stations around the world.

François Darchis, Senior Vice President and member of the Air Liquide Executive Committee, supervising Innovation, said, “Our commitment to the "Japan H2 Mobility" consortium is in line with our actions to support the hydrogen energy. This alliance, which brings financial investors together for the first time alongside infrastructure developers and car manufacturers, is contributing to the construction of a sustainable business model for hydrogen, crucial for ensuring the successful transition to a carbon-free society.” PWKD09032018

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