India: Petronet Plans LNG Station Expansion With 20 Stations

India: Petronet Plans LNG Station Expansion With 20 Stations

Petronet LNG has planned to launch around 20 LNG fuel stations on a 4,000-km route running from Delhi to Thiruvananthapuram.

Four buses from Tata Motors has been purchased by the company, for its office use in Cochin that will run on LNG. Prabhat Singh, CEO and MD of Petronet LNG said that around 4,000 km route and around 20 fuel service stations have been identified for launching the retail outlets. “We plan to start with few thousand buses and have spoken to Gujarat, Kerala and Rajasthan roadways to use their buses. To begin with, we will take 20 buses from Gujarat, 10 from Kerala and 10 from Rajasthan. A portion of the tariff will go towards paying for the cost of the buses. The approximate cost of the bus is around Rs 40 lakh and we hope with large number of buses getting ordered the price will come to around Rs 30-35 lakh.”

He added that the total investment, taking 1 million tonnes of LNG (including buses and all other infrastructure), will be around Rs 15,000 crore over the next 15 years. Their investment will be close to Rs 1,500 crore. It is expected that around 200,000 trucks that join the fleet every year could run on LNG, as it would bring nearly 30-40% price advantage compared to other fuels.

India has committed to reduce its carbon emissions by 33% to 35% by 2030, under the Paris Convention. If India shifts to these many LNG vehicles, it is believed that it could help India meet at least 2.5% of this commitment. To curb emissions and cut its dependence on imported fuel, India’s target is to raise the use of LNG in its energy mix to 15% in three to four years from the current 6.5%. Out of the total 78 million tonnes of diesel that the country consumes every year, the share of trucks and buses comes to around 28 MT, according to Petronet, and hence a shift to cleaner fuel may turn advantageous for the environment. PWKD12032018

Last modified onSunday, 11 March 2018 18:45
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